Milestones of FGI

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Milestones of FGI

 Master core technology and continuously promote power electronic equipment to integrate all industries.
The first 6kV high-voltage direct-hanging energy storage emergency power supply system for mines in China was successfully put into operation in the mine of Shandong Energy Group.
FGI was awarded as "National Knowledge Product Demonstration Enterprise".
Participated in the drafting of the IEEE standard "Energy Return System - DC Traction Power Supply System", which was adopted and issued for implementation.
The project of "Key control technology and application of high priority new energy power system electric energy purification" won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress.

FGI participated in the preparation of the international standard "Energy Feedback System for DC Traction Power Supply System".
The national standard "Urban rail transit inverter for regenerative braking energy absorption" which was led and developed by FGI released and officially implemented on December 1.

Development Path
Development Path
"100 megawatt high-voltage water-cooled SVG" of FGI successfully passed the type test of China Academy of Electricity.
FGI signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Cardiff University, UK.

Development Path

Won the "2017 National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise".
Led and organized the discussion of the national standard "Urban rail transit inverter for regenerative braking energy absorption (Draft for Review)".

Development Path

We provided “superconducting energy storage and current limiting system for the project "Development and grid-connected operation of superconducting energy storage and current limiting system for new energy power generation" of the National "12th Five-Year Plan" 863 Program, which pioneered the application of multifunctional superconducting power devices in power grids, especially in wind farms.

Development Path
Urban rail transit inverter for regenerative braking energy absorption of FGI obtained EU safety access certificate.
FGI Obtained the double soft enterprise certification which strengthened the protection of intellectual property rights and enjoyed the tax incentives provided by the government, which supported the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.
The project of "Key technology and application of high efficiency operation and control of motor system under complex working conditions" won the second prize of National Technical Invention.

Development Path
The establishment of Shandong power electronics technology and new energy equipment academician workstation promoted the research and development power of FGI.
Development Path
The first high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device SVG of FGI was applied in Huainan Mining Bureau.

FGI independently developed "Regenerative energy feed-back device", the initiative of China, was successfully put into operation in Tianjin metro. FGI developed "fast control power for plasma vertical displacement" was successfully applied to the "major scientific research project, EAST nuclear fusion test device" undertaken by the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The "500kW superconducting energy storage inverter and its switching system with the grid" developed by FGI was successfully applied to the "superconducting energy storage system" project of the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The first 6kV hoist (four quadrant) high-voltage inverter in China was delivered to Hebei Handan Xinsan Mine for use.
"Electromagnetic bearing control system" developed by FGI successfully applied to the energy field key high-tech research 863 program and the fourth-generation nuclear reactor - 10 MW power conversion technology of direct-cycle helium gas turbine for MHTGR.

Development Path
We jointly developed reactive power compensation methods and compensation devices for power grids with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Anhui University of Technology and was invited to participate in the national drafting and validation of low-voltage inverters in the same year, showing our technical strength.
Development Path
Cooperated with Dagang Oilfield Drilling and Extraction Design Institute and successfully developed linear motor inverter.
Development Path
The first domestic 220kW/380V four-quadrant(hoist) inverter was successfully operated in Baoan coal mine of Shandong Huaning Group.
The first 560kW/6kV high-voltage inverter of FGI was successfully operated on the oil transfer pump of Panjin Oil Plant in Liaohe Oilfield, which is one of the first high-voltage inverters in China.

Development Path
FGI was an early pioneer in successfully developing three-level medium-voltage inverter in China, which was operated in Shengli oilfield and then started to promote in oilfield on a large scale.

The first 22kW/380V frequency convertible governor of FGI is successfully running, which is an early step into the field of motor frequency conversion and energy saving in China.

FGI established a project to develop inverters approved by the Electronic Industry Bureau of Shandong Province.

The state-owned Radio Factory in Wenshang was established, and more than ten well-known university graduates, including Li Ruilai, were assigned here to develop and produce (military) transmitters, and had produced radios, pulse signal generators, band-pass filters, piling testers, cashmere moisture detectors, automatic telephone billing devices, etc. And the piling testers were of excellent quality and well-known among them in China, and continued to be produced until 1990. The improved model of 3866 signal generator is still in production today.